November is Homeless Awareness Month


We’re raising awareness this month that homelessness is close to home. More than 200 people in Ottawa County are currently unhoused—they’re sleeping in shelters, in a car, or outside. Another 1,400 men, women, and children in our community are facing a housing crisis that could result in homelessness.

Image of 200 silhouettes of people, representing the number of men and women currently experiencing homelessness in Ottawa County.
More than 200 people are currently experiencing homelessness in Ottawa County.

Let’s end homelessness in Ottawa County

We envision the day when everyone in our communities has access to safe and affordable housing. Good Samaritan continues to work hard to provide accessible housing to everyone in Ottawa County experiencing housing instability. Just last week, Good Samaritan guided five more families out of homelessness and into safe, sustainable, affordable housing.

Take some time this month to learn more about homelessness in our community.

You can also help us end homelessness in our community by donating to Good Samaritan’s work. Every dollar donated unlocks up to $3 in public funding. Donate today to help another family exit homelessness.

Did you notice flags?

We recently installed flag installations at Huntington Bank and The Salvation Army of Holland to help raise awareness about housing insecurities in our community. Thank you to Huntington Bank on 8th Street, and The Salvation Army of Holland!

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