Eviction Prevention

Everybody gets behind sometimes.

When rent goes unpaid, both renters and property owners lose out. Our hope at Good Samaritan is that overdue rent payments will not end in eviction. If you or someone you know has received a 7Day Notice (Notice to Quit) or Court Summons, contact us or stop by one of our office locations to see if you qualify for our prevention programs.

We are currently prioritizing households that are involved in the court process. We encourage you to speak with your property manager and start a payment plan right away to avoid eviction. If you already have a court date set, please attend your hearing.

Eviction prevention provides housing stability.

We have eviction prevention programs that offer shortterm financial assistance and supportive services that help individuals and families remain housed and provide expedited payments to rental property owners. We believe a thriving community keeps people housed because stable housing supports the best environment for adults and children to prosper. With housing stability, the whole community wins.

Do I Qualify?

To be eligible for eviction prevention services, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Rental unit is located in Ottawa County, Michigan.
  • Household income is less than 50% Annual Median Income (AMI) of our area.
  • Have an eviction notice or court-ordered summons.
  • Have a lease agreement (written or verbal).
  • Owe less than $3,000 to property owner.
  • Do not have a rent-to-own lease.

Housing stability is a team effort.

Our eviction prevention programs are available because area landlords and property managers are willing to provide rental housing at affordable rates. Ottawa County Courts provide a strong partnership that allows our agency time to assess household needs and provide essential financial assistance and supportive services to reduce evictions. We are grateful to Ottawa County, the Housing Commission, and area funders who have provided support for this cause. Please join our efforts.

Know your rights.

If you are a tenant who has legal questions or are concerned
about your housing rights, please contact:

How Do I Apply?

Completed Ottawa County Eviction Prevention Program (OCEPP) applications may be submitted in person or by mail, email, or fax.

Good Samaritan
Attention: OCEPP
513 E 8th Street, Suite 25
Holland MI 49423

Fax: 6163925889

Email: OCEPP@GoodSamOttawa.org