Nobody expects to become homeless.

This holiday season, you can provide someone with a reason to celebrate.

Good Samaritan is ending homelessness in Ottawa County.

Good Samaritan is here to serve every person in Ottawa County when they experience homelessness or a housing crisis. As the designated resource agency for our county, Good Samaritan is the best first step whenever someone experiences these hardships. We work with other agencies to ensure we’re able to provide the best supportive services possible, empowering people to unlock opportunities. And, because we’re local, we get to step into peoples’ lives at some of their most vulnerable times.

Meet Cassandra.

Cassandra is one of the 776 neighbors who received support this year through Good Samaritan’s eviction prevention program—and her story is a great example of how we get to work with people in the face of crises.

In the face of a family tragedy, Cassandra unexpectedly became the caregiver for her two beloved grandchildren. She took her grandchildren in and gave them stability, safety, and loving care.

A few months after taking in her grandkids, life threw another curveball at Cassandra. One evening, Cassandra’s home was targeted in a robbery that left her missing some loved possessions and an empty bank account.

This crushing loss led Cassandra to fall behind on rent and other bills, eventually leading her to a courtroom. There, she met a member of the Good Samaritan team. In that vulnerable moment, Cassandra was in tears, facing a situation she had never envisioned—seeking help to pay her rent.

Cassandra was connected with a dedicated housing stability coach, and
her late rent was covered to avoid the pending eviction. This short-term assistance gave Cassandra space to rebuild her life. Today, Cassandra and her grandchildren are thriving, enjoying the safety and stability of their home together.

A woman holds her baby as they smile at the camera after leaving homelessness.

As we head into this Christmas season, during the darkest days of the year, Advent is also the season of increasing hope, light, and expectation. What an incredible reminder that we, too, can provide someone a reason to celebrate this holiday season!

This holiday season, will you consider giving to Good Samaritan? Your gift could help someone like Cassandra—who, in their darkest moments, can have a reason to celebrate.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

We’re able to eradicate homelessness in our community because of the support of many generous people and organizations.

Donate today to help end homelessness in Ottawa County.