Affordable Housing

Safe, stable and affordable housing is a basic human right.

For over a decade, Good Samaritan has served as the designated Housing Assessment and Resource Agency (HARA) for Ottawa County. This means that we serve everyone living in Ottawa County through supportive housing services and rental assistance to households in crisis. We work diligently to provide consistent, equitable and timely services to meet the needs of anyone experiencing homelessness or facing eviction.


The Process

To learn more about housing resources in Ottawa County, call 616-392-7159, or stop by our Holland office.

To streamline the process, please bring your ID or other identifying paperwork.

Housing in Ottawa County

Good Samaritan Services

While Good Samaritan is not an emergency shelter, we serve as the Housing Assessment and Resource Agency (HARA) for Ottawa County. That means that we are here to connect anyone experiencing homelessness or anyone who is at imminent risk of homelessness to the best local housing resources.

Any Ottawa County residents currently experiencing homelessness qualify for placement on the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV, formerly known as Section 8) waitlist. Although Good Samaritan does not run the voucher program, we make sure your information is added to this waitlist so that you can be considered for a voucher as they become available.


Vouchers pay for a portion of your rent amount so that you pay no more than 40% of your income towards rent. To be eligible for the HCV waitlist you must be:

  1. An Ottawa County Resident
  2. Meet the Federal Definition of Homelessness (living in the streets, in shelter, or a place not meant for human habitation).

Eviction Prevention

Facing an eviction due to unpaid rent? Our eviction prevention program can help with rental assistance and case management services.

Housing Assessment

Area housing programs have different eligibility requirements. We can tell you which housing programs are currently available in our county and complete assessments with you to determine if you might qualify for these programs.

Homeless Services Assistance

Our Homeless Rapid Rehousing programs provide the following services:

  • Security Deposit Financial Assistance
  • Rental Financial Assistance
  • Case Management
  • Home Maintenance Education
  • Housing Search Services

Other Ottawa County Programs


      I’m Looking for Stable Housing

      Housing Search Packet
      Resources, tips and information for those experiencing homelessness or facing homelessness.

      Información para la Búsqueda de Alojamiento
      Consejos, recursos, y informacion.

      Subsidized Housing List
      A list of all subsidized (based on income) and reduced rent options in Ottawa County.

      I’m Facing Eviction

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