Unlocking Opportunities.

A report of Good Samaritan’s impact in 2022, thanks to your support.

Good Samaritan is ending homelessness in Ottawa County.

We’re on a mission to end poverty and homelessness.
We do this by We do this by mobilizing faith-based and community partners,
activating individual and community assets, and meeting immediate needs in our community.

Dear Friends,

What did you learn this year?

We are often asked this question by supporters, community members, volunteers, and friends. It’s one of our favorites. We are committed to being an organization that is constantly learning and improving—about what needs exist in our community, how best we can serve, and where we need to stretch ourselves to function more effectively. Constantly asking this question makes us better every year.

So what did we learn this past year?

We learned how to scale up to meet the exponential growth in demand for services. You will see in the following pages the record-breaking numbers of vulnerable neighbors calling for help, receiving assistance, and getting back on their feet. The volume of demand on our team was incredible, and they stepped up to meet it.

We learned a better way to end homelessness. Every day we help homeless individuals and families of Ottawa County find and remain stably housed; those who have been sleeping on the street, in their cars, or at a local shelter. COVID-19 relief funding enabled us to pilot and perfect an early intervention strategy when a family faces an eviction instead of already on the street. And it worked! We’re centering the year ahead on our launch of the Ottawa County Eviction Prevention Program (OCEPP), a permanent program for early intervention.

We learned that we have an amazing, passionate, expert team serving the community. Okay, we knew that one already. But this year really highlighted the incredible team. From the Intake Team that so compassionately welcomes thousands of homeless residents coming in for help, all the way to the Finance Team ensuring every grant, gift, and rent assistance check is administered well. We have a fantastic staff.

You will see in the following pages that your support is truly needed, is being mobilized to change lives, and is being stewarded with excellence.

We needed you, and you stepped up. And as we commit to stepping up even more in the year ahead, we need you more than ever.

Drew Peirce, Executive Director at Good Samaritan


Drew Peirce
Executive Director

Drew Peirce's signature, the Executive Director of Good Samaritan

Who We Are

Good Samaritan has served the needs of the under-served and underprivileged in Ottawa County since 1969. Throughout our long history and with deep ties to our community, we have effectively partnered and collaborated with businesses, local governments, faith- based organizations, and other nonprofits to provide viable solutions to some of our regions most basic and fundamental needs.

Today, Good Samaritan is a team of people working toward a vision of a healthy, engaged, and compassionate community by ending homelessness and poverty in Ottawa County.


Our Core Values


We walk empathetically alongside one another in a way that serves our neighbors with the hands and feet of Christ.


We accept others without judgment, affirming each other and ourselves.


We make room for others, inviting collaboration, embracing diversity and crossing denominational boundaries.


We use what we are given effectively and efficiently, providing a high value return on investment and passing along God’s gifts to others.


We exude professionalism, continually seeking, developing and demonstrating best practices through continuous quality improvement.


We are always envisioning a better future, providing a learning environment and spearheading cutting-edge technology.

What We Do

Good Samaritan serves as Ottawa County’s designated Housing Assessment and Resourcing Agency (HARA). For anyone experiencing homelessness, we connect them to secure, sustainable housing and supportive programs that build stable, thriving communities.

In close partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, landlords, local courts, and many other partners, Good Samaritan provides solutions for people to exit homelessness for good and break the cycles of poverty.

Our Work

Preventing Homelessness

We work with tenants, landlords,
and Ottawa County courts to prevent evictions, providing short-term financial assistance through a pay- forward program called Ottawa County Eviction Prevention Program (OCEPP).

Housing Solutions

We provide supportive housing services and rental assistance to households in crisis, helping them navigate the paths to stable housing solutions and exiting homelessness.

Sustainable Partnerships

Our full-service property management department works closely with tenants to provide supportive case management services, education, and assistance; and with landlords to provide reliable services and support as needed.

Supportive Services

Once households are ready to take the next step from surviving to thriving in their community, we offer relationally- based support services to help people establish and meet their goals, breaking the cycles of poverty.

Preventing Homelessness


evictions prevented


kids kept from homelessness


evictions prevented


of all Ottawa County renters received assistance

Housing Solutions


people moved from homelessness into permanent rental housing.

Ottawa County, Michigan


Ottawa County residents engaged in supportive housing services.



person-centered case management sessions conducted.


Sustainable Partnerships

Number of managed 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units

  • One-Bedroom Units (7) 37% 37%
  • Two-Bedroom Units (19) 100% 100%
  • Three-Bedroom Units (5) 26% 26%
  • Four-Bedroom Units (2) 11% 11%

Number of units managed (2021 vs. 2022)

Number of units managed by GSM Properties (2021 vs. 2022)

Supportive Services

2022 Circles Graduates:


Decreased Debt


Increased Assets

2021-2022 Financial Report

We’re able to eradicate homelessness in our community because of the support of many generous people and organizations.

Donate today to help end homelessness in Ottawa County.